Two Room Control | Core LITE

The Control4® CoreLITE Controller and SR-260 Remote is the perfect solution to the "multi-remote headache" in many homes today.

With the HD On-Screen display and intuitve menu selections, your media system will be easier than ever to use.

Add a keypad dimmer to the system allows you to set the perfect light level right from your remote.

Package Includes: 1x CoreLITE Controller |1x SR-260 Remote | 1x Charging Base

Starting at: $999*

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Three Room Automation | Core 1

With the capability to control up to three rooms independently, and with two audio sources, this package is the perfect introduction into the world of home automation.

With the 4k On-screen Interface, two built-in audio sources and quad-core processor, this system can control up to three rooms operating up to thirty Zigbee devices with ease. It is the parfect start in your journey to true home automation.

Package Includes: 1x Core 1 Controller | 1x SR-260 Remote Control | 1x Charging Station

Starting at: 1,499*  


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Advanced Home Automation  | Core 3

With the Core3 Controller from Control4®, not only will this system control up to six rooms, we are able to introduce added features such as:

- 4K HDMI for OnScreen menu and 1 zone of audio, plus 3 zones of high-resolution audio via Digital Coax and stereo output. 

- Zigbee and Z-Wave antennas that support up to 60 devices

- Distributed Audio with 5 Audio Sources

- Relay for Car Gate or Garage Control

- Supports up to six rooms 

Package includes: 1x Control4® Core3 Controller | 1x SR-260 Remote  

Starting at: $2,199

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Ultimate Automation | Core 5

For your large home or even commercial application, this is the solution.

Equipped with Zigbee and Zwave Plus servers, the Core5 from Control4® is capable of controlling up to 200 devices.

CORE 5 can automate sophisticated audio and video distribution systems, complex interior and exterior lighting and color scenes, vital security and communications systems, and climate controls for multiple zones.

CORE 5 includes new, higher quality DACs (digital to analog converters) with audiophile-grade signal-to-noise ratio of 118dB, and powerful new DSPs that provide ultra-fine controls for a fully customizable 6-band equalizer with graphical display. Each of the seven audio outputs can be independently streamed simultaneously by Ryff, the built-in high-resolution audio server, allowing you to listen to their local music library, or stream from a variety of leading music services, and AirPlay-enabled devices.

Package Includes: 1x Control4® Core 5 Controller | 1x SR-260 Remote Control

Starting at: $3,999*

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Customize Your System

halo remote from control4 and texas smart integration


  • Touch Penels available in 8" or 10"
  • Dimmers
  • Keypads
  • Voice Control
  • Touch Screen Voice Remote by HALO


  • Car Gates
  • Garage Doors
  • Pool
  • HVAC
  • Security Alarm
home theater


  • Audio Matrix
  • Video Matrix
  • Media over IP (MoIP)
  • Amplifiers
  • Displays

* Prices start as advertised.  Applicable taxes not included. Stable internet service is required.